Your holiday starts here!

Thank you for booking with Henley Holidays. Here you’ll find all the info you need for your stay. Our contact details are at the bottom of this page. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Arrival Information

Property Access

You will be sent an SMS with information on how to access your accommodation once the property is ready for check in. We ask that you do not go to the property before you receive your check in notification.

Address: unit 1/18 Bobuck Ln, Thredbo, NSW 2625

Please use the map Link below, or the pin co-ordinates if you are having trouble locating your property.

View Map


Please note that WIFI is provided free of charge and due to the nature of the area, speed and connection cannot be guaranteed.


Important Information About Your Property

We want to ensure your stay is as comfortable and convenient as possible. Here’s all the information you need about parking:


Allocated Parking
Inala 1 has one allocated parking at the front of the property available for guest use (refer to image below). Please take the key from inside the unit at the entrance.


Overnight Parking
There is free overnight parking available on Friday Drive, click for Map Link.


Additional Notes
Please only park in your designated parking spot after you have received your check in text message as cleaners and staff will need access to this parking prior check in to ensure your property is ready on time.

To help you navigate and make the most of your stay, we provide a detailed map of Thredbo Village. This map highlights key locations and essential services. It will also guide you directly to our property with ease.


You can access the Thredbo Village map via the Map Link.


Feel free to use this map to explore the village and find your way around. We hope you have a wonderful time discovering everything Thredbo Village has to offer!

During Your Stay

    • No ski or snowboard boots to be worn inside the property.


Code Of Conduct

    • As of the 18th December 2020, all guests must meet the behaviour obligations of the NSW Fair Trading Code of Conduct. To view guest obligations click here.


Before You Leave

    • Dirty dishes are to be washed and put away, or placed in the dishwasher and turned on.

    • Furniture is to be returned to its original position.

    • Fireplace is emptied of all ash.

    • Coffee machine cleaned.

    • BBQ cleaned and cover replaced.

    • All rubbish and recycling placed in the outside bins.

    • All lights, air-conditioning and heating turned off.


Excess charges will be applied if the above is not followed.

We want your stay to be as comfortable as possible, regardless of the weather outside. Below is a brief overview of the heating and cooling options available in your accommodation:


    • Fire place in main living area: Fire wood is supplied and stored in a room to the right of the main entrance. You will need the key to access this which can be found hanging with the parking lock key.
    • Electric heater in bedrooms

There’s nothing quite like cozying up by a crackling fireplace after a day of exploring the Snowy Mountains. If you wish to use the fireplace during your stay, please follow the simple guide below to safely enjoy a fire without smoke.



Step 1: Stack Kindling

    • Take eight to ten pieces of kindling and stack them in a crosshatch style arrangement. (Place two pieces on the base of the fire vertically, and then stack two pieces on top of those horizontally. Repeat once more.

    • Place firelighters amongst the kindling and light. Wait for the kindling to become well lit.


Step 2: Add Firewood

    • Once the burning kindling settles, place a few pieces of smaller firewood onto the kindling, being sure to allow space between pieces so that air can circulate.

    • Once these smaller pieces of firewood settle and are burning hot, add larger logs on top. Again, be sure to allow good airflow between each log to prevent smouldering and excess smoke.

To keep your equipment safe and secure during your stay, your accommodation offers convenient on-site bike and ski/snowboard storage facilities.


You are permitted to store all equipment on the patio or at the entry way of the property. There is also a drying room in the cupboard in the entryway to dry your gear.

General waste and recycling bins are located in a bin enclosure in the carpark area (refer to image below). Please ensure that all rubbish is removed from the property prior to checkout otherwise excess cleaning charges will apply.

If you are experiencing a power outage, please first check the fuse box for a tripped switch before contacting us.


Fuse Box Location: You will find the mains box located in the common area on the second level. The fuse box is located on the left hand side in the entry way (refer to image below).


Winter Activities
Where To Eat

Contact Details

Should you have any need, please contact the team at Henley Holidays at the office during business hours. For emergencies only, please contact the after-hours mobile.

Henley Holidays Office 9am-5pm:

02 6457 2504


After Hours Mobile (Emergencies Only):

Jindabyne: 0472 665 180

Thredbo: 0419 955 656