Thank you for booking with Henley Holidays. Here you’ll find all the info you need for your stay. Our contact details are at the bottom of this page. We hope you enjoy your stay.

Arrival Information

Property Access:

You will be sent a text message once the property is ready for your check in. Please note that check in time is 4.00pm and we ask that you do not go to the property before you receive your check in text message.

Address: 152 Westons Road Crackenback NSW 2627

Please use the map link below, or the pin co-ordinates if you are having trouble locating your property.

Map Link

Parking Information

Please park in your designated parking spot only once you have received your check in text message. Please note that cleaners and other staff will need access to this parking before check in and after check out to ensure your property is ready on time.

General parking is available in a shared open shed(please leave 1 space for the apartment guests) or garage.




Please note that WIFI is provided free of charge and due to the nature of the area, speed and connection cannot be guaranteed.

Important Information about Your Property


  • Ski and snowboard boots are NOT to be worn inside the property.
  • Dirty dishes are to be washed and put away or placed in the dishwasher and turned on.
  • Furniture is to be returned to its original position.
  • Please ensure the fireplace is emptied of all ash before departure. Please use the metal bucket and scoop and place in outside fire pit.
  • BBQ to be cleaned.
  • All rubbish and recycling is to be placed in the outside bins before departure.
  • All lights and AC/Heating is to be turned off on departure.
  • All malfunctioning or broken items are to be reported to the Henley Holidays Team. Call 02 6457 2504 or
  • Excess charges will be applied if the above is not followed.
  • Code Of Conduct
    As of 18th December 2020 you, as a guest, must meet the behaviour obligations of the NSW Fair Trading Code of Conduct. Please click HERE for details.

Heating and Cooling

Fireplace in living room and split systems in bedrooms. Wood is supplies at the end of the building or in the woodshed at the other end of the building.

We hope you enjoy the fireplace at Silvertop

To help you get the best heat from the fire and to prevent any accidents please read the following information on how to correctly light the fire and keep it burning at the optimum level.

Make sure the damper is open – horizontal, and open the fire door. The door WILL NOT open unless the damper is in the horizontal position.

Open the Air Slide at the bottom of the fireplace – slide to the left

Place some paper and kindling along with 1 firelighter into the centre of the firebox.

Light the fire and close the door leaving the damper and air slide open, this will give enough air circulation to get the fire started and also evacuate any smoke created up the flue.

Never use any other volatile substances such as methylated spirits, gasoline or solvents. Only use firestarters to help start the fire.

As the fire begins to burn through the kindling, using the heat proof glove provided, open the door (damper is open – horizontal position) and add larger pieces of timber. Close the door and when burning well close the damper and the air slide.

When more timber is needed open the damper and add the wood.

Correct use of the fire is essential. Incorrect or excessive loading of fuel can overfire the firebox and cause irreparable damage. Ensure a maximum fuel load not exceeding 1/3 of the firebox volume.

Keeping the fire load to 1/3 of the firebox size also creates the best heat output as air is able to circulate well through the firebox.

Correct Loading of Timber -fire in the centre of the firebox no more than 1/3 full

If using the fire over a several hours or days check on the ash pan at the bottom of the fireplace when the fire is at its lowest. This usually means first thing in the morning before you light the first fire of the day. Use the glove provided if the ash pan is still warm. Take the ash pan outside and tip contents into the green plastic bin at the rear of the house.

Shared fire pit

Please note the cut and sawn timber is only for use in the inside combustion heaters.NOT the outside fire pit. Feel free to collect dead and fallen timber from the property to use in the outside fire pit.Please ensure the fire is out before retiring for the night.


All rubbish must be removed from the property on checkout, otherwise excess cleaning charges will apply.

Bin Location: Skip bin is at the end of the 4-bay shed.

Ski/Bike Storage

Please remove ski boots on entry. Drying room is through the laundry.

Fuse Box/Electrical Board

If you are experiencing power outages, please first check the fuse box as a switch may have tripped.

Location: Fuse box in garage, please note that fuse box for apartment is also in the garage, please do not touch this fuse box.

Contact Details

Henley Holidays Office: 02 6457 2504

After House Emergencies Only

Jindabyne: 0472 665 180

Thredbo: 0419 955 656